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Created: 2019-03-10 23:31:36

Marching off. Adios y vaya con Dios!

Created: 2019-03-10 23:31:36

Getting ready to go back

Created: 2019-03-10 23:31:36

Post sugary food coma

Created: 2019-01-26 22:07:51

Arnold is officially the lowest ranking member of the Honduran Air Force.

Created: 2019-01-26 21:48:20

Arnold being signed into Air Force Academy.

Created: 2019-01-22 20:53:07

Well, just one other little thing to pray about, a future job for Eli. We received bar codes today, for some of our chocolate bars. That means that we can sell just about anywhere. Before, without codes, we were locked out of about 90% of the market. Today we are presenting to the local supermarket. Hopefully we can get our foot in the door there as it should really boost our sales volume! Essentially every 200 bars we sell daily, is another job for someone.

Created: 2019-01-17 15:50:33

You say septic tank, I say salt lick. Last week we noticed our sheep chewing on rocks in front of our home. That indicates they want salt. We started pouring salt on top of the septic tank because it's a solid surface.

Created: 2019-01-14 15:51:13

We've had a few additions as of late, total head count of 33. I doubt we'll need to mow the lawn any time soon.

Created: 2019-01-14 15:06:32

We may not have reliable electricity, fast Internet, nor paved village roads, but we do have a milk man, by golly!

Created: 2018-12-22 13:19:11

This year's clay nativity........with an extra or two.