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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-05-11 10:04:59
Subject: WOW!

It is amazing and beyond our comprehension, but we are in a place to be able to start the building of our family home here!  We have a beginning!  When a friend helped us to lay out a floor plan, and we drew up the estimated costs it felt that it would never happen.  It was a bone of much contention in the house.    Oh ye of little faith!  I guess I always am doubting that what I think we truly need might not be what God thinks we truly need.  One day I will understand all of His goodness and love towards His children and not doubt His ability to take care of me.   But through generous gifts and gifts of sacrifice we are able to take the layout to the architect here to have him draw up blueprints and lay out the electric plan.  Then we will begin excavation and plumbing and foundation.  It is so overwhelming to Mark.  It is hard to imagine how this can be added to the plate when we seem to have much already.  I am continually saying, "God is not trying to kill us, He desires for us to have a whole, happy family!" I think it will be an exciting time for all of us.  Please pray for us during this time.  There is nothing easy about building a house in the states, and here, well, I think you can imagine!  We have communicated with a reputable contractor here who others we know have used, and we use him stage by stage, rather than hiring for the full deal.  We hope to have groups come and complete phases also.   This subject matter is one that truly humbles and overwhelms me.   It does not seem natural to me to accept gifts from others.  Truly my first reaction to the gifts were,"God, you can't do this!"   He whispered to me, "Why not?"  This seems so personal, it is a home for our family.  Yes it is a blessing to all the children, more space, space for school, bathrooms (oh, I can't imagine), etc.  But most of all it seems so personal.  Sometimes I have thought when I have asked God for this that I was a complainer, or a wimp.   I look at so much poverty here and wonder how I could consider asking for a home.  But the truth is, it is what our family needs to be able to stay the course.  We never came to Honduras to orphan our own four.  It is all a delicate balancing act, that hallelejuah, He controls.  As much as I want to be able to go back and erase all the bad that has happened to the boys, as much as I want to be able to pray one prayer and see them come into who God created them to be, it isn't that way.  Little by little He restores their hearts, and teaches my children about love, sacrifice, obedience, and compassion.  Little by little we learn how to work together as a family and hopefully display His love through the gifts He has given our family.   Thank you for praying for us.  Thank you for joining with us.  I pray that all the blessing you have given will be multiplied and poured out on you and your family.   Paula

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