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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-05-11 10:15:45
Subject: Specific prayer requests

I have some very specific prayer requests that deal with more than our home here.   1) My first one is for the missionaries on our town specifically.  I pray for us to be able to come together for the country that God has given us to serve.   There is already a foundation of working together in different things, but I pray to see more.  I believe the potential is amazing, and certainly across denominational lines.  We also want to start a prayer time together.   2) The churches of Honduras.  Here there are some very real strongholds that are dug deep.  I do not want to speak negatively at all of this culture.  But there are things, just as anywhere in the world, that are not right.  One here is control.  Pastors  (I am certainly no saying all) exhibit control over the congregation.   I am aware of one church where you must ask your pastor permission to leave this city in travel.  Unfortunately you see that in churches started by missionaries also.  Please pray with us to see this broken down and hearts of love and compassion poured out.   I really do not like to share things that are negative here, I do not want to offend, but lately I have seen how this problem specifically is tearing people apart and breaking hearts.  I know this is not God.   3)Emotional healing/care of the soul.  So many have suffered here at such great lengths and expense.  So many are completely beaten down through poverty, and the animism that is so prevelant here.  Hopelessness abounds.  I pray for the genuine teaching of God caring for our souls and healing our hurts to be rampant here.  In so many churches there is not anything beyond evangelism.  We pray for the whole message of salvation to ring.   Thank you for praying and please share if God gives you a specific word. Paula

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