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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-05-22 21:33:01
Subject: Drivers Licenses Continued

   We were close. We could smell success. We drove to two cities, passed the tests, paid the fees, printed thumbs, made the copies, wrote parents' names, waited in lines, waited for lunch breaks and were about to cross the finish line...until those faithful words "no hay sistema" (translation: "the network is down").    We started out in Comayagua where we were told that we could acquire our licenses. We found the office and humbly asked if we could get our licenses there. They told us we would need to drive to Tegucigalpa (90 minutes further). I gritted my teeth, bit my lip and muttered "muchas gracias". We had already canceled school and all hopes of doing anything helpful for the children here. So rather than re-schedule, we trekked on to Tegucigalpa.    When we arrived, things progressed. We asked for help and they pointed us upstairs. We asked for help again and they pointed us across the hall. We asked for help, they pointed us across the parking lot. We asked for help, they directed us to the medical exam office and copy shop. We got copies of licenses and residency cards. We got eye tests, blood pressure tests, photographs and got poked with a needle to determine blood type. We were moving along. We went to the paperwork office and they told us it was lunchtime, come back in an hour. We ate lunch. We returned to the paper shuffling office where they took thumb prints, put our paperwork in order and pointed us to the accounting office. The accounting office gave us a bill and we took it to the bank to pay. We paid and returned to the accounting office. They stamped our papers and pointed us to the final line. WE SMELLED VICTORY! We waited in line and a pleasant man told us, "come back tomorrow, the computer is not working". I did my best to plead my case "the police are hounding us for licenses and we live three hours away". He told me he was sorry (actually, it is rare to hear "I'm sorry" in Honduras, it is usually someone else's fault).     I really used to enjoy a day off the farm in the big city. Guess what? Keep the big cities. I do not want to see a big city this year (probably for a few years). That is tough as I will visit the USA and airports happen to be in big cities, sad but true.     If you've never seen the movie "Second Hand Lions", it's a definite must see for the whole family. Someday I hope to be one of those old men on a porch in a rocking with my shotgun and iced tea about 50 miles from nowhere. I praise God that I am one day closer today.
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