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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-06-02 12:24:49
Subject: Ladies Retreat/Prayer

This weekend I went with a few other missionary ladies for a "retreat".  We went together to Teguc. and stayed in a hotel, had time of worship, prayer, and sharing.  It was so good to get to know the other ladies better and to hear their hearts and testimonies.  We were all so excited to hear that we are hearing some the same things from the Father.  One of those is humbling ourselves in prayer and repentence for our nation, Honduras.  Some of these ladies and their husbands work very closely in training and discipling pastors.  It is so sad to hear of the immorality that they see.  We pray for a healing here and for those in these sins to come to repentance and restoration.  We pray for those in leadership to take authority and let no unclean thing come in.   We pray that the things that the enemy means to destroy this country will be brought to light and that there will be godly sorrow, repentence, and healing.   Please pray with us in these things.  We have a large number of missionaries here in our town.  We believe we are all here together for a purpose.  We want to serve faithfully together and to uplift one another. We want to demonstate His love.  Pray for the families of the missionaries here in Siguatepeque.  Pray that we will all remain healthy, be spiritually fit, and that God will remain our focus here.  We truly desire to see His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  We all have a part in this.  As you remember pray for those serving here to hear God so clearly and act in obedience to what He is calling us to.   I pray for you as you read this, I pray for you also to remain true to the calling God has on your life, your destiny.  I pray that you will not waver in loving Him with your whole heart.  I pray that you will stay focused on Him, not looking to the left or the right, and that you will except nothing less than Him.  I pray for any idols we worship to be torn down, and that our hearts will be pure before our God.   We are inviting others with a heart for Honduras to meet with us at our home for prayer and accountability.  Pray that this will be a powerful time together and that each will be encouraged and strengthened.  Pray that we obey what He tells us to do!   Recently in a time with the Lord I asked Him, "What is your stragegy God?"  He responded - Humbling yourself in prayer and repenting.   He is a faithful God, full of love and compassion towards His children.   Blessings, Paula

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