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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-06-03 22:48:23
Subject: New Acquisitions

    Yesterday Jose picked up Enrique from the market after Enrique gathered unwanted produce for the pigs. On his way, he was pulled over the police (they have roadblocks here on a daily basis). Most of us fear these stops because you never know when a policeman has had a bad day or just really needs some lunch money. Of course Jose can turn anything positive. Jose explained to the policeman that we he was running errands for the children's home and collecting food for the pigs we have here. One thing led to another and the policeman told Jose he was trying to sell a pregnant milk cow and its calf. The offer was $850 for both bovine (16000 Lempira).       This afternoon we borrowed some steel bars/rails for the back of the truck from the welder and drove beyond Comayagua (hour trip). We arrived about 3:30 and inspected the cow. It was a little malnourished but that is to be expected this time of year and sharing such a small lot with other cows (no more than a third of an acre). We got the price down to $793 (15000 Lempira), loaded them up and took them home. Rolman begged to come with us for the trip but there was no more room up front. Nevertheless he wanted to go, realizing that he would have to ride in back with the cows. He also rode in the rain. Rolman was a trooper and a sport. We joked with him all the way home "Yo queiro ir! I want to go!" was what he told us before. As we rode, the cows were shifting around, squeezing him against the rails and leaving little surprises in the bed from time to time. We kept yelling back "Yo quiero ir, I want to go!". We just uploaded a photo of Rolman in the back of the truck after we returned.      I thought it would be a good investment to have a milk cow and a younger calf that would eventually fill the role of milker. The cow is supposedly a Jersey/Holstein mix and the calf looks Jersey. There is a little Brahman in them also. Therefore, I borrowed against the children's college fund. Hopefully it will pay them back and then some!
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