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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-06-03 23:31:31
Subject: Prayer for Eli and Carlitos

With some of the boys being out of school now I sat down and planned out a little bible/school time for them along with Timmy and Carlitos.  At the end of the lessons we split up for Timmy and Arnol to read to someone, Reynaldo to work on sounds for reading with someone, and Eli and Carlitos with me for some special teaching.    Eli struggles with schoolwork, and as I and his teachers have worked with him, it seems to be in processing.  He is such a smart boy, speaks English ninety to nothing!  So I sat with he and Carlitos and did some math designed for those with special learning needs.  We are very blessed to have been given a special curriculum from a friend about 2 years ago.  Time to put it to use!  I was looking through my school books and found it, and it is something that Eli's teacher had suggested when I asked for help.  God takes care of us!  As we progressed I could see that is was not clicking for either of  them.  We finished the lesson and I was so disappointed and sad for them.  I felt so bad that I didn't have the magical powers to make it all easy for them.  I felt so bad for Eli.  He has sat in a classroom for 2 years and has had such problems.  He tries so very hard and his teachers worked with him excellently.   I cried wondering if we had subjected him to things that have caused him pain.  I cried wondering how we are going to teach him, thinking of his future.  I cried thinking about the horrific effects of malnourishment, abuse, and neglect.  We love Eli and Carlitos.  Please pray with us for us to have wisdom in how to teach them.  We do not want them to feel that they are not incredibly bright and capable, they are.  They both have such value and worth.  They both are children of the King.  I know God desires good for them even more than I.  So I will trust Him with these two precious children.  They were both so thrilled to have a special teaching time.   Today when we were leaving to go to the dr.  Eli stood at the truck door and cried.  I opened the door and asked what was wrong.  He was trembling and rubbing his hands together and spoke with the hugest saucer eyes, "I am scared you won't come back Tia because you are going to the dr."   This little boy is full of compassion and fear.  Pray that the hurts of the past will be washed clean and will be instrumental in his growing in Christ.   He gives his love so freely.   Thank you, Paula

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