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Entry Date: 2008-06-05 23:42:27
Subject: re: Return of the Staph! UGGH!

Excellent Lauren!  Will you live at home or on campus?  When do you start? My eye is already so much better.   The school where Eli, Reynaldo, and Arnol go is going to become Bilingual for next year. So right now Arnol is learning to read in English with me in the mornings with Timothy.  He is catching on fast, he can read well in Spanish now.  Still working with Reynaldo on reading in Spanish.  He is speaking much more English.  Concerned about them switching to bilingual. Of course they have a huge head start compared to the other kids in the school.  Eli is working so hard.  I am praying for wisdom and knowledge.  I hope to be able to talk with a special ed teacher when we are in the states.  I need some insight.  I am so blessed though to have a book given to me by someone that is for special needs children in math.  We are working through that right now.  I thought Carlitos could do it with us, but he is not there.  But he is hearing and being introduced to things.  He now sleeps on the bottom bunk bed, with Fernando on top.   Gerardo had moved out to the casita a while back.  Today he asked if he could move back in!  So today we organized the room for him with his clothes and things.  He seemed relieved to be back in the main house.  We always thought he liked it out there, but he says he doesn't get enough sleep, has problems with teasing,  and has problems with the boys being so junky.   Our garden is huge!  We have enough zucchini for all of Villa Alicia.  Now we have cucumbers and green beans also.  I have been cooking more.  Our new favorite is Stuffed Zucchini, or Barca de Zapayo.   We have many pigs!   Guess what, I saw the baby calf be born.  I was sitting on the front porch watching the momma cow go back and forth, back and forth (we now have a fence around the front yard).  Someone brought me a carrot to give her.  She practically ran over to the far end of the front, by the fruit trees.  She laid down a few minutes.  David ran to the back yard in the fruit trees to watch her, and I started towards her.  David warned me that she would probably hurt me if I got close.  She stood up, the calf fell out, it was over!  David watched from the other side of the fence to make sure the baby was ok, and I ran over to meet him.  We watched most of the evening.  It was exciting to see the calf take its first steps.  Mark stayed up most of the night with them in the front yard.   Not near the drama as pig birthing!   Paula

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