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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-06-21 18:59:03
Subject: End of Week

    This was the last week of school for our own children until September. They started 10 months ago and it has been my first year of daily teaching duties. I was in charge of math for our oldest three and for the boys (Rolman, David, Gerardo and Fernando). The boys' school will continue on through the year as we try to get them prepared for school once again. We really believe they would be more prepared academically for the university if they continued to school with us, but we cannot legally do that. That reminds me, I need to talk to the Mennonites about what they do as they have their own school with American teachers. Legally, you must have Honduran teachers in your school in order to run a legitimate school. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching Algebra to Hannah and Physics to her and John. Faith and John require little assistance so far but Algebra is coming soon! Hannah will start Algebra II in her first year of high school next year. I can't wait to exercise my brain again.     This week a new calf was born. It is the last calf I expect this year unless one of our heifers surprises us end of year (they have been with Red Bull for awhile).     We are waiting for a good day (rainy/overcast) to butcher the matriarch of the pig operation. She has had four litters at our farm and another before that. Five litters is normally the limit. Besides, this pig has been notorious for stepping on her pigs and sentencing them to very early deaths. Her own daughters have been much better about this. For that reason, we are looking forward to being rid of her. Six other sows and gilts are now pregnant and soon more will be. When we return from the USA, we will have quite a management job finding living space for all the pigs.      This week I began working on online programmer agencies to earn money for the home. I've never had so much success but I believe it was time. Really what sparked this idea was a simple comment by David. One day we were working outside and David said he needed some building material for fences. I told him we don't have money for that. He asked if I could earn money on the computer. I had given up on the idea long ago because of how many roadblocks I had before (inadequate Internet connection, failure to market myself effectively, not enough time etc). I decided to make time for programming rather than asking for increased donations or cutting essential jobs. I bid on several contracts and to my surprise, I actually won a few. In fact, I am building relationships with a couple companies and there could be a lot more work in the near future. When I say contracts, I am talking $30-$150 per contract, which usually amounts to between an hour and a week of work. Although taking time to do this takes its toll on the farm and teaching school, I am glad to be back in the software business and earning some money. We want the boys to see that education and work are how you prosper, not Americans in the guise of Santa Claus.

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