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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-07-02 22:28:11
Subject: Blessings

     Our two new calves are playfully growing together. They stick pretty close to their mothers but jump and chase each other quite a bit while the mother's are replenishing the milk supply. One night last week we had them in the neighbor's yard to mow the lawn for them. It was too far from our own house. Even the dogs know we have a rifle, so they do not get too close to our home. But across the road we heard "that bark" that told us that dogs were trying to split the herd and try to catch the helpless calves alone. We rushed out to see what went on. I wish I had a photo. The two mother calves were side by side and the two calves planted firmly in between. The dogs had no chance at an easy meal. We brought the cows and calves back to our yard and continue to bring them back every evening.      This morning I went to the same yard across the street. It is a temporary home for new Mennonite missionaries that are transitioning from another country into mission life here. Right now, nobody is living there. When I arrived I tried to push the calves in further because one of the mothers did not want to go in. I knew if the calf was far enough in that the mother would follow. While attempting this maneuver, I noticed that their shipping container was open as was the back door of the house. Someone had broken in. Strange thing was that they only seemed to have stolen electrical wiring. Copper is a prized possession here as it fetches about $2/pound (a small fortune for skilled thieves). I called the Mennonites and they evacuated the remaining possessions.      I also spotted a meat grinder, which I had been shopping for as of late. I told the Mennonites that I've been looking for one and asked if they wanted to sell it. They told me they would ask the owner. I have a grinder, but it is broken and they do not sell or make the part here. Last week we called about one we saw for sale in San Pedro Sula. The cost was $2100, well over what I expected. Les (the owner) of the machine drove up today, told me the grinder was a gift from his father and that his father was a professional butcher. He would have nothing less than a Hobart (the crem de la crem of kitchen appliances). The grinder is old, but it is a Hobart and he did not think he would have much use for it. He asked for $200 for it, SOLD! The only thing about it is that the thieves took the copper (cut the electric cord); but that's not a problem here. Every man that lives in Honduras is an electrician, including everyone that lives in this home. You learn to adapt and repair everything when buying a replacement is out of the question. I'm going tomorrow to our hardware store to buy an extension cord, cut the female end off of it and wire it to the grinder. We'll give it a whirl tomorrow.       Good thing was that Les was not missing any of his possessions. The thieves only wanted the wiring. I had not even yet prayed for a grinder, but the Lord knew we needed one to make sausage and ground pork to sell locally. God is good, all the time. -Marcos

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