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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-07-02 23:30:35
Subject: Cleaning out

Since Hannah, John, Faith, and Timothy have been out of school and we gave the boys a week break, my time has been busy cleaning out, organizing, and prepacking for Hannah.  I think I have conquered every cabinet, shelf, and drawer.  I love to organize!  It is so fleeting though.... This week Mark and I have been working, training a special lady, Lourdais, (Jose's wife), who will be coming to continue school (PACES) with the boys while we visit the states.  So school has switched to afternoons, she comes, and learns the ropes.  She volunteered to do this and we are very grateful.  I think the boys like having someone besides Mark and I telling them what to do and noticing their accomplishments.   Lately my heart has been very focused on praying for our city, Siguatepeque.  Recently I was able to join another lady to pray together in our city plaza.  It seems that since that time, I have seen direct attack from the enemy.  Some very specific things we are praying for are to see church pastors and leaders wholeheartedly devoted to Christ, end to corruption-kidnapping-murder in our city, end to abuse of children, end of abuse to women, for christians here to walk in morality and godliness, and for leaders in our city to seek Christ.  Since we joined together I have heard more of violence, rape, kidnapping, murder, and theft, than I have ever heard of here.  Maybe my ears and eyes were not open to hear and see.  Sometimes I live in a bubble!  I am sure as I mention this, some think, my goodness, are they crazy living there.  Honestly I am sure I heard of more crime in the states, I was just desensitized to it, and it all didn't hit so close to home.  Here you just live closer, not in proximity, but just in how you live.  Or rather I should say, I live closer than I lived before.   You walk to the bus, so you visit with so many on the way.  You shop in an open market, there is conversation.  You have contact with like hearted missionaries, so you share.  Church is smaller, so you know more of those in the church.  I have more children, so I hear what they hear!  Neighbors depend on each other more.  People know who we are and why we are here and so they come here for help.   For me it is more relational.   Hannah will depart on the 15th of July.  With getting ready, I know it has not hit me yet.  I see it hitting her in spurts.  She is really taking the time to be with each of us and to enjoy family before she leaves for the states and China.  I know it will be a stretch for all of us.  Please pray for us!  I am in awe of my God that has blessed me with the most precious, giving children.   House report:  We are awaiting plans from the architect here.  We turned in a layout and talked with him about what we wanted and didn't want, and now he is drawing up cement plan, electric plan, plumbing plan, floorplan, etc.  We will see what gets done before our departure for the states.  We have the funds to finish with the architect, excavate, set up plumbing, and pour the slab.  For this we are so thankful.   Some may wonder what houses are made of in Honduras; Cement block.  Most here do not lay a foundation.  They use a different method where they block up the house and pour the floor (cement).  That is if you are doing cement block.  Many here are adobe, mud bricks.  These homes may or may not have a cement floor.  Most are dirt.  And honestly I have never seen such clean dirt.  I am amazed at how the ladies keep the dirt floors and the dirt around their homes swept spotless.   Blessings to you, thank you for praying with and for us, Paula

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