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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-07-15 20:49:58
Subject: Another Day in Paradise

    John and I needed to run some errands in town so we left while I had no computer work.     Since I had zero cash in my wallet, our first stop was the bank. This really dates me, but I once again have a passbook savings account like I did as a child; the one with the little book that tells how much you have, when you made deposits and withdrawals. I've filled up my fifth book since coming to Honduras and needed a new one. They issued a new one, I made a deposit, a withdrawal and we were off to our next stop.     Besides my wallet, the gas tank was empty. Our next stop was the gas station where gas advertised on the sign at 71 Lempiras ($3.73) per gallon. We pulled up to a pump, the attendant added 500 Lempiras and I noticed that the pump said 77 Lempiras ($4.05) per gallon. I told the attendant that the sign said 71 Lempiras. He laughed and said "Que raro, va?" (How odd, right?). That's about as far as we were going to get. Had I pursued it further I likely would have received the old standby "we didn't make the sign, we only use it?" (As in when you buy a sandwich with a roach in it and the deli assures us that they did not make the bread). Refunds for bad service, faulty products or false claims are, nonexistent.     Next stop was the grocery store where John and I split up in order to divide and conquer the list required for a week of food for 18-22 people. We conquered in about 45 minutes and started the checkout. We made payment with credit card and the clerk told us something in Spanish about a problem with the register. Whatever the problem was, it was necessary to de-scan all of the groceries, re-scan every one of them only to come up with the identical total. Anyway, you live here this long, all you can do is laugh.     So John and I bought our lunch from the store; an old personal favorite of ours: a roasted chicken, chips and soda. We ate the dark meat and saved the breast for Paula. We stopped on the way home for a haircut. We had to leave the windows down in the truck because the vice-grips we use to roll the windows up with were missing. We returned to the car and found an empty wrapper where the chicken was. I asked John if he had finished the chicken, including the bones. He denied it. We were looking around and a woman in a nearby store told us about the "perro" (dog). We looked 10 yards up and found a slightly malnourished pooch feasting on roasted chicken, bones and all. At least he didn't leave a mess in the car.

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