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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-08-04 17:45:27
Subject: Exciting News

     Last week we heard that the woman we had planned on for watching the children while we were in the USA could not make it here. We went into a bit of a panic because we had been planning on and counting on her for several months. Now we have less than two weeks left to find someone. Enter Mr. Russ Turner. Russ, his wife Jacque and their six children have been talking with us about coming to work here full time with us. Russ has volunteered to come with his 14 year old son Joshua the entire time we are gone. This is a huge sacrifice and I pray he and his family will be reimbursed for his loss of work time and beyond.       Hannah is in China and I cannot give many details about her. I do not know much beyond the fact she is alright and that she is participating happily in everything she can. Given the political situation there, it is not wise to discuss the nature of their trip or what they are doing.       Last night we went to secure Rolman's national ID card that he has been trying to acquire for most of the year. In Honduras, if you are anywhere in public the police can demand to see your ID under penalty of jail time. We were ready to go when Walter said Rolman needed to change from shorts into pants or the office would not issue the ID. Rolman changed. We drove to the ID office and Rolman needed a witness to testify that he was of age, even though he had a birth certificate. Walter was willing to testify but he did not have the ID either so they would not allow him to testify. They asked for Rolman's parents. Rolman explained that he has lived with Americans all his life and his parents were not available (his mother abandoned the family, his father is in prison). They told Rolman that he could bring his American caretaker. So up I went. They looked at my Honduran license and residency card but decided that I could not testify either. So, Rolman called his brother Cesar. Cesar came to the rescue. They waited in line again but Cesar could not testify either. You see, Cesar was wearing shorts. So, Cesar returned home to change into pants. An hour and half later, Rolman finally has his ID! Only four short hours of changing out of shorts and waiting in lines, Rolman no longer has to fear being put in jail for lack of ID.
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