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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-08-09 13:56:41
Subject: Stress

      At the moment, Paula is feeling just a tinge of stress preparing for the trip to the USA and keeping the home in order while gone.    On the subject of stress, before I moved here I was a computer programmer (the fancy term is software engineer). I never had to tell anybody what to do. I told the computer what to do. The most stressful thing I ever did before moving here was play a game of golf (I only had to do it once, thankfully). I used to wonder why people would play golf to relieve stress as the same game would surely have given me a stroke had I kept playing (sorry for the pun). I now know a little more about stress. Stress is not having enough money to feed a family of 15, while the workers are asking for double pay in December (their right by Honduran Law), while you are teaching math from an English Math book to Spanish speaking children, only to be interrupted by a farm worker who says the cows are in the garden and insecticide is needed right now because the beans are half gone. Oh, and by the way, a sow gave birth last night but half the babies died because the mother stepped on them. Meanwhile, you are about to be deported because of past due residency renewal and you need to pick up a team of visiting missionaries in a couple hours.      My father managed people most of his life. While I do not drink, I certainly understand why he did. :-)
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