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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-09-29 13:28:22
Subject: Monday September 29, 2008

We are in Alvin visiting my mom and husband.   Their home survived hurricane IKE and they are busy helping others that did not fare as well.  We had the pleasure of serving with them one morning with the Red Cross.  The kids are enjoying being kids at her home, yelling at all the bicycle riders that ride by, using croquet sticks as guitars, and hosting hula hoop Olympics.   Last night Faith picked up the laptop to watch the video of the boys.  I asked her if she missed them, and with a little tear in her eye she said, "Maybe".  If you know Faith, that maybe, maybe as affirmative as you get. We are entering the last leg of our trip in Austin and San Antonio area with family.  Mark's grandmother and aunt will be coming to visit.   We had a wonderful time in DFW and Colorado.  Colorado was more beautiful than I imagined and the people treated us better than we could have imagined.  They welcomed us.  At our home church and town we were thrilled to visit and catch up with everyone.  My bible study gals showered me with parties, food, gifts, and love.  The Baugh family opened up their home to us as family and shared meals and laughter.  Barbara literally opened up her entire home to us!  Mark enjoyed the kitchen!  I had the pleasure of working with an architect/friend on finishing up the tweaking of our new home plans.  He gave such insight and really saw things that I would never see.  I appreciate you Michael! We got to see friends from Honduras in Texas, and I have enjoyed Thai food and gab with Jenny.  We enjoyed the library, swimming in Barton Springs,  and the park in Austin.  Mark's sister Susan loaded us with canning jars and we are so grateful!  Kathy cut up every fruit we have missed for us to eat and packed the pounds on us with White Chocolate Trash.  We have taken video of little Michael Jr., and caught up on  all the football stats from my brother.  Judy has been the chaufueer, hostess, laundry folder, and hugger.  School books have been bought, storeroom has been rummaged through, clothes have been given, and the challenge of packing the extra suitcases begins.  We have enjoyed spending time with family and friends.   And yes, we are ready to be home.  Our thoughts often are on the boys, the farm, animals, and friends there in Honduras.  It is weird to have two homes, with neither being the final destination.   Love, Paula

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