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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-10-10 21:48:18
Subject: Awaiting our flight

We are in Ft. Lauderdale awaiting our flight back to home in Honduras.  We are using the luxuries of hot water in the bathroom and toilets that you can put toilet paper in and flush!   We ask for your prayers for safety for those serving in Honduras.  The Honduran government has passed new legislation, joining with Venezuela's leader Hugo Chavez in a deal to cut off all trade with the US.   Following is a portion of news we received today: Today the Govt. unfortunately passed legislation to team up with Venez., Cuba, Ecuador, and Bolivia, all Communistic and Socialistic in their Govt. scope.  ALBA is what the initiative is called, basically it will make an alliance with all the above mentioned countries to only deal with each other in trade, export, etc.  It's long term goal is to totally shut off supplies, goods, and trade to the USA and to "redistribute" wealth to the poor.  It passed through the congress late last night.  I have a neighbor who is retired CIA, he told me he knows for sure that Chavez of Venez. payed off many members of Congress to pass the bill through.  So things could escalate fast for any and all North Americana's living in Honduras. This legislation will certainly keep Honduras a 3rd world country and in our opinion further the oppression against the poor.   Blessings, Paula

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