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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-10-11 18:44:31
Subject: We Are Back

     There is a price to be paid for flying "Fly By Night Airlines" (aka Spirit). We flew out of Honduras in the dead of night and returned in the wee hours of the morning (3 AM). We had to board the plane three different times and evacuate twice for repairs. At least we got to sit and relax while Dave, Leslie and Jose waited for our jet to arrive. The aforementioned three are saints in my book! They did not even have complaints nor a hint of negative attitude about delivering us home at 5 AM after being awake all night. I don't think I could have remained positive after missing the whole night's sleep. I told Dave to pull over at the first Starbucks, my treat, but we never saw one.     I rode in Dave's truck with Dave, Jose and John while the girls and Timothy rode with Leslie. They had a lot to discuss, especially about Gerardo, whom is still in the hospital. Right now Antonio tagged up to care for Gerardo, giving Lourdes a chance to return to her own family. Antonio is Jose's brother. While the medical care is practically free at the public hospital, family must perform all the functions that a nurse might do in a private hospital. Someone needs to be there to get food for Gerardo, shower him when he cannot do it himself and move him from his bed to the treatment (dialysis) room and back...without a wheelchair. We are hoping that Gerardo can return home soon, but even when he does we will need to transport him to/from the hospital three times a week. The hospital is two hours away.     When we arrived home, we found that many of our trees had fallen in a storm. Dave thinks that the ground is so wet and soupy that any breeze could have felled the trees. Anyway, getting rid of pine is certainly not a bad thing on a property you hope to farm. We don't even have to excavate the stumps; they're already pulled up.      We found that the bean crop had been ignored and left to rot because it was not a priority while we were gone. We also found that someone cut down our yuca crop, which is a favored food in Honduras. The tomatoes had also been chopped down. Things were not what we expected, but everyone was just following orders.     Now it's time to plow forward and see what the week has to offer. We have a group arriving Thursday; the same one as last year! Everybody is looking forward to seeing the gang from New Hampshire.

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