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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-10-16 22:03:39
Subject: Thursday October 16, 2008

A new road, a new grace, a new walk of faith.  One I have not walked personally before, but have watched one friend walk with a peace the world will never understand.  I sit in the renal children's ward of Hospital Escuela in Honduras, and watch other mothers draw strength from God's Word, hospital routine, and their relationship with one another.  A relationship in which they share common days, fears, reports, and bits of wisdom learned while walking this road with a chronically sick child.   As they talk, I am so aware of my language deficit and my ignorance of the culture surrounding me.  But the mothers, knowing we are on the same jouney smile and share compassion and laughs with me.  I am grateful, because honestly, I am afraid.  For me, I am going to learn to have to walk day by day, sometimes minute by minute, capturing the grace He will supply.   Last week while we were in the states we were called by Jose and told that Gerardo, our 13 year old boy, was not feeling well.  He was taken to our Dr.   Gerardo has been under treatment for anemia.  Our Dr. suggested another dr.  He went and the Dr. determined he had some type of kidney and heart infection and was in critical condition.  He had extremely high blood pressure and heart rate.  He was taken to another specialist that gave an injection and recommended he immediately go to Tegucigalpa to the Hospital Escuela, a public hospital that has the facilities to deal with renal failure.  Gerardo was taken on Friday evening by Jim Faber.  That weekend he was in critical condition.  Drs. were on a federal holiday until Tuesday and the interns were on strike.  Friends, Jose and Lourdis, and Dave and Leslie gave him round the clock care and went to buy all that was needed .  You see, in this hospital you provide everything yourself: sheets, pillow, water, clothes, flasks and containers for urine, carry your own blood tests, and bring your own toilet paper.  The facilities would scare away most North Americans, stray dogs stand in the entrance and people spit on the floor.  Yet I know it is far better than some places. Not many hospitals here have dialysis or complete renal facilities, definitely not in our town.   Gerardo has struggled always with headaches.  At times he would have a lack of appetite.   He was being treated for anemia.  Now we are told he has chronic kidney failure and could have had it always.  Gerardo needs a kidney transplant.  Until we find a donor and the money for the transplant he will have to have dialysis at least 3 times a week.  He will be able to come home when his vitals are stable and remain that way.  Now he is doing dialysis while in the hospital.   Right now he experiences high blood pressure and heart rate, dizziness, cramping, and headaches.  He has good and bad hours.  Before we arrived he had horrible days where he could not get up at all.  Now he is weak.   Sunday morning Leslie drove Hannah and I to the hospital to stay with him.  We spent the night with a friend of hers so we could return in the morning.  We waited for the drs. to talk to us, but it was a day of charting for them so we were not able to talk with them.   It is all overwhelming.  Gerardo is afraid, yet extremely brave and peaceful, he still smiles.   He is now alert.  Afternoons seem to be the hardest on him.  We must have someone at the hospital all the time to care for him.   I think, how will we do this?  How will we do school?  How will we keep him safe at home?  How can we get to the hospital fast enough?  Will his biological mother be willing to donate a kidney?  Is she a match?   But right now, minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day.  Whew!  Thankfully God is a big God.  I am ever aware of His bigness and my smallness, His guidance when all seems out of my control.   As we are able we will update on Gerardo.   Right now we are hosting a group also and knee deep in rain.  It hasn't stopped raining in days.  Just before we arrived  home a horrible wind storm hit our area and uprooted and knocked over nothing short of 25 trees.   We are so blessed that none of the tall pines hit the home or children here.  They were frightened and some had just arrived  from their walk home from school.     God is with us, Paula
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