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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-10-19 23:23:43
Subject: Rain and flooding

Right now in Honduras it is the rainy season.   But even with that we are having unusually huge amounts of rain.  In Comayagua a dam has broken and the river has flooded over the main road and the valley.  People's homes have been flooded, those that were not solid have been washed away. People are without electricity and not able to inhabit their homes.  Mud is everywhere.   We are told tomorrow may be the worst rain we have had yet.  Here it just really hasn't stopped, only for a few hours at a time.  The ground is completely saturated, and with the recent storm they are calling a tornado, trees are already uprooted and many more ready to fall.   Please pray with us for an ending to the rain.  With the storms also in the gov't here it seems a difficult time here in Honduras.   Tonight I was sitting with John and Timothy on the couch, reading to Timothy.  I saw tears in John's eyes.  I asked what was wrong.  He said, "I just want to be able to do some work on the farm."  With the incessant rain, work hasn't halted, but definitly slown down.  I could tell something else was also troubling him, I asked again, "What is wrong son?"  He then shared how sad he was that he couldn't be with Gerardo. We have a trip planned to Tegucigalpa on Tuesday to spend the day with Gerardo.  Please pray that the rain will stop and that we will be able to pass through to the city.   Gerardo's birth mother will start testing this week to see if her kidney is compatible to his.  Pray that this will go smoothly and that we will see an answer to prayer in regards to Gerardo's health. Right now we have a wonderful group here from New Hampshire. The weather has stopped the outside building that was scheduled, but still they are busy.  They are fixing all of our screens, putting up ceiling tiles in the kid's rooms, and putting a sink in a bathroom.  The ladies are painting the casita rooms and sewing curtains.  We will also be working with New Life Missions to bag up food to distribute to families that this mission serves and feeds.  The ladies will be joining me to serve a day in the kitchen of the boys school , Destino Del Reino.  It is my turn! After the group leaves we will be back to school and working a schedule to be with Gerardo more ourselves.  We all miss him so much here, truly someone is missing from us.   With all the changes we are going through right now, I was so encouraged in church today.   One thing will never change, once and for all, Christ gave His life for us.  Never must we worry about our eternity if we know and accept Him as our salvation.  If we truly believe that He is the Christ and that we are in need of a Redeemer we are secure in our eternity.  He has more life for us than we can imagine, even when it seems that things are completely out of sync.  Every day, no matter the situation, I can look and see His hand of goodness and grace, every day.  Though we are grieved to not be with Gerardo, and griefed for his health, today we can rejoice in the Lord.  He has brought us home safely, He has brought us a group to help us when we are in need.  He has given us friends here that have helped beyond human strength.  He is good.   Thank you for praying for and with us.  Thank you for caring.   Blessings, Paula

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