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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-10-24 10:33:22
Subject: Football?

I need to preface this email by saying, we are originally from Texas, just so you can partially understand some of my deranged motivation. We like football. There, said it, all done. Now, onto the main story. Soccer is the sport down here and I think mainly because you don't need anything but a ball and a flat piece of land to play on; although in the mountains of Honduras, the kids will play on a cliff if that's all that's available. I would like to see about getting some hand-me-down football pads, helmets, jerseys and pants down here. Equipment cost is what separates soccer from football, but the people of Honduras are used to buying second hand clothing, second hand appliances and second hand water. The best of all worlds would be to find junior high that wants to upgrade their equipment and get rid of the old stuff. Junior high aged kids in America are greater than or equal to the size of high school boys and adults in Honduras. In other news, Gerardo should be coming home in about a week more or less. Already the doctors are asking where we want to take him for his thrice a week dialysis treatments; both locations are five hours round trip plus half a day of treatment. Don Hebert's group from New Hampshire is wrapping up their week with us. This morning they are taking it easy compared to the breakneck pace they've been working at. This week they put up ceilings in the bedrooms, put on two medical clinics, painted two rooms in the little house, fixed appliances, made curtains, hemmed up the boys clothes, made lunch for the elementary school, made curtains for a couple homes and quite a bit more. Some way to spend your vacation, no? They will return home tomorrow, providing that the rain lets up and the water drops below the bridge.

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