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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-11-01 12:23:14
Subject: Weather/Update/New House

Right now is the REAL rainy season, as in the rain never stops!  There is a fine mist almost 24-7, and at times a heavier rain.  While we were gone, what they are calling a tornado hit here and knocked many, many trees down.  Right now we have someone that is coming in to turn the trees into usable lumber (once it dries out!).  Almost every day they are stuck in our yard or some part of the drive area because the place is a soupy mess.   Our temperature is in the 50's.  So inside it feels very chilly.  This is when we are thankful for sweatshirts left behind by team members that didn't need to use them, or the many  children's sweatshirts given to us by my mom's husband Roy.  To us it is freezing, I guess just because of the dampness, no heat, and the house not being completely closed up or insulated.   It also is a time where little guys can't play outside so the house is a bit louder and the floors a bit dirtier.   Reynaldo is learning to read and we are so happy for him.   Arnold is doing well in his studies, just having a hard time sitting still.  Eli started school with us.  I need your prayer in this.  Such a smart boy, definitely some attention and visual processing problems, more than likely from malnutrition and traumatic birth.   He is enjoying the reading times together, listening and participating in science experiments, and doing listening exercises.  His ability to write has really progressed.  We struggle with number and letter recognition, so this leads to problems in adding, learning to read, etc.  Right now we are just focusing on this in different ways, hoping to find the thing that will trigger learning.   I am thankful for the teachers he had last year at Destino.  Thank you Hawk and Stephanie.  You put in hours of service and care.   Hannah is tackling Algebra II with Mark, and John is Algebra I.  Hannah is also really enjoying her new History, Veritas Press Omnibus.  It is a wonderful challenge and really makes us both think and analyze.  So glad that she has a love for History and Literature, it enables me to get into things with her that I enjoy also.  Timothy is not thrilled about Grammar, and Faith is learning to type.  Mark still does all Math except Timothy.  This year Hannah and John have Apologia Science on the computer.  Eli, Faith, Timothy, and I are doing Creation Science.   All the while, Carlitos is sorting counting bears into bowls by colors, looking at books, drawing, sorting shapes, and listening to all that goes on around him.   Yesterday was John's birthday, Thursday was Carlitos's, and soon it is Hannah's.  Carlitos turned 5, John 13, and Hannah 15.  Carlitos was just so excited that he could say it was his birthday all day!  He would jump up and down and say, "My birthday Tia!".  John is happy to go this evening to a friend of ours home to watch UT beat Texas Tech.  This is a thrill for him to see college football here, we have no TV channels.   With all that has been going on since we got back we haven't had time to think about or talk about the blessing of beginning to building a new house this next year.  This is huge and an amazing provision from God.  I have to apologize for letting all the "stuff"  keeping us from praising God with you in this.  We have been praising God, but haven't given you the opportunity to hear and rejoice also.   I guess with our thoughts being towards the costs of medical care for Gerardo, this provision has taken the back seat.  Valley Church in Colorado, different individuals from Restoration Church, a group of men from different churches,  and friends and family, have all been giving towards building this house.  It will definitely be a home built by many.  We will begin work on this once the rain stops, January/February.  I haven't sat and figured all the things up but I think we have enough for the excavation, foundation, laying of the second floor, and a good bit of the exterior walls.  Prices of materials they say have doubled.  We pray for that to change before we start.  We look forward to having a group of men coming in February from the states to work with us on this project.  Hopefully more will come!   Gerardo finished his first week of dialysis after coming home.  It has been a long, tiring week for him.  But it is wonderful to see him up some, eating, and even doing school.  I know this is so hard for him, harder than I can imagine.  We continue to pray healing and a miracle.  We continue to walk out this part of the journey believing that God is holding us in the palm of His hands.  He is our Protector. Please pray with us for the nation of Honduras.  Much to tell on that, and I need to get to work in the house, so I will save that for another journal.  Just a time where many things are hanging that will determine the future of this country.  Pray that they do not turn to Hugo Chavez and communism as their seemingly salvation.   Bless you, thank you, and we appreciate you, Paula
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