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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-11-05 22:35:04
Subject: Wednesday November 05, 2008

      Today we arose to a clogged up kitchen drain. Not a problem you say? Just call Roto-Rooter? Hondurans by and large do not like the job of plumbing, as nobody seems to value their service above that of any other labor job (ie farm worker, window washer, gas filler upper, panhandler, shoe shiner etc). So, why look for jobs scooping someone elses waste when you could just as well wash his windows, without all the stink?        So, we do what we normally do when we are busy doing school; we ask Enrique to clear it out. Enrique seems not to mind any kind of dirty job. In fact, we think about the reality show "Dirty Jobs" and wonder how many episodes Enrique might be good for. From cleaning pig houses, to gather rotten tomatoes at the market, to clearing our drain lines; Enrique is our man. So, he started about 9 AM and had not cleared it out by 3 PM: quitting time. He did manage to dig up about 60 feet of drain line to clear each piece. In the end, Rolman had to cut some pipes under the sink and plunge away; firing kitchen waste flying through other connected drains in the kitchen and bathroom. Paula is still cleaning up the aftermath.         Pigs, we've got pigs, lots of pigs. I'm not sure where to start on reducing the pigs. They're multiplying like accountants OD'ing on cappuccino. I do know which family lines we want to keep for breeding; meaning that the rest are doomed to the sausage grinder.         Gerardo is back home after a day of dialysis. He goes three times a week to a hospital three hours away. Jose and Antonio took him today. He has a really high fever, but the hospital had no beds to keep him. Therefore he is home. The port that leads to his kidneys is infected because it is basically an open wound inviting every germ within a five mile radius to come on in for a fiesta. We have no shortage of germs on the farm.          My condolences to those invested in the stock market in the aftermath of the election, down over 5% today. Perhaps the GOP can go through some kind of re-awakening and reinvent themselves like they did in 1994 when they took control of congress. That was the start of a great expansion in the economy. Regardless, I pray that America can get a hold on deficits and the great curse of the nation: abortion. Anyway, I'm sure everyone agrees with everything I say when I write about politics. So, guess I'll sign off for now.
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