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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-11-07 15:11:03
Subject: Gerardo

There is nothing fun or joyful about watching a child suffer.  It is so hard to see Gerardo in such pain, loosing his healthy color, not able to enjoy physical activities, with no appetite, and no energy.  I am  thankful that he is home with us, that he still laughs at my corny jokes, that he is still "young" enough to let me crawl in bed with him when he can't get up, and that he still has issues about getting his hair cut.  I am thankful that as hard as it is on him he still smiles, still shares everything he has and is given with everyone, will open up and share with me, and cares about those around him (those in the hospital).   He is a trooper about taking all his meds, and absolutely hates getting up to go for dialysis.  Today we hope that Dramamine will help him a bit with the traveling.  His port sight is very painful and he continues to get infections with fever.  There is talk of moving the port, but the alternative place seems even more vulnerable to infection and pain.   Pray that his birth mother will have a change of heart.  She does not seem willing to go through with any of the testing to donate her kidney to him.  She knows the dire need and position he is in.  We don't understand.   Without her kidney (she is the only blood relative that could donate) he goes on a list that has many, many ahead of him.   I don't mean to sound hopeless.  I am not hopeless.  I just don't like watching a precious child suffer. Thank you for standing with Gerardo.  We appreciate you, Blessings, Paula
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re: Gerardo  by Elaine on Friday November 07, 2008

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