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Entered By: Brenda Smith
Entry Date: 2008-11-11 07:15:43
Subject: re: Gerardo

Dear  Colbath Family and boys, I have intended to write ever since we returned home to NH. The time just flies by. Leaving you all is so hard and even now when I am at work I often think of you and the many challenges you face. Adam gave a  great slide presentation of the  missions trip at church on Sunday. Seeing the photos again really tuggs at my heart. I still haven't forgotten that I  need to forward  pictures to you. Unfortunately I am really  not sure how to do it even though several have tried to teach me. I will keep on trying and who knows one of these days you may recieve them. Gerardo is  always in our prayers. I have spoken with one of the doctors who retired and he has been in contact with a group called Heal the Children. This is a  medical missions organization who will provide for getting  a sick child to the states for surgery etc. Perhaps this might  be an avenue to help Gerardo. I'll keep you posted on any developments on this end. Hannah- Happy  belated  birthday. Your chriastmas ornaments travelled well. Only one cracked. I intend to give them to family  & friends as we always exchange ornaments. They are a beautiful reminder of a creative and special young lady. May this be an exciting year for you. I've got to get off to work. Not everyone has Veteran's day off . I am thankful though for a job in  light of the economy. Two gas stations in the state are selling gas for $1.99. I hope that trend continues.  Love to you all!!                                                    Brenda
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