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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-11-20 15:43:11
Subject: Amphibious Terrorists

     We've been enjoying the luxury of available, potable water to our house for almost two years from our own water well. The cost for the system was about $15000, with over $4000 of that coming from the water pump and electrical circuitry to run the pump. So, I am very conscious of the fact that we don't want to be repairing of replacing any of that system any time soon. I'm also quite thankful for the water, which has made farming possible since we are not constantly transporting H-2-O from some other location all day. Instead, we can focus our attention on the farm.      When we returned from the USA, we noticed that our little electrical box that houses the circuitry for the pump was complaining a bit every time we turned it on. You see, we only run it until it fills our water tanks, 2 hours per day, or face a monthly electric bill greater than the GNP of Honduras. The box was making a popping sound when we first turned it on, but it stop popping a few seconds later. The popping worried me and it was consistent, so we asked Jose to look at it. He tightened a few screws and said the popping stopped. Life was good again, worries over.       This week the popping returned with a vengeance. Yesterday morning I turned it on and the popping did not stop after a couple minutes of waiting. Meanwhile, Paula was waiting in the shower for water. I let enough water go through and then turned the pump off. However, the water would only last an hour or so. So, it was time to see what I could do. I fetched the key to open the box and a few various tools. I thought maybe I could just tighten the screws like Jose did, but I did not know which ones to tighten. Upon further investigation, I found a wire that had burnt through and was arcing to the box, resulting in the pop.       I thought about calling an electrician, but we needed water soon and there's not many "electricians" in Honduras that I would trust $4200 worth of circuitry to. You are labeled an electrician here if you've ever connected something with wire. I tried to determine what gauge wire to buy, but could not find a number on the wire. I finally had a bit of a brainstorm. The wire did not look that bad, so I thought I could probably just tape it and see. It was connected with one of those electrical connector do-dad's that you can remove with a needle nose whatcha mahoosit. I returned to the house to grab some electrical tape and hopefully a needle nose thingy. I found the tape, but the needle thing (I'm pretty handy, as you can tell) was not to be found. I thought about throwing something or wringing a neck, but I really needed to get the water flowing. So, I took a little wrench, the tape and went back to the box.       I could not pull off the connector with the large wrench, so it was time to stick my fingers into 10 KW of flaming, electrical death to try and wrap tape around the wire. I fiddled with the wire without frying, but could not get my fat fingers behind the circuitry that was blocking access. Meanwhile, I spotted something that looked like a burnt wire underneath the wire in question. I scooted the burnt thing out and found that it was some kind of small frog. The frog was quite a conductor in his day, but his electrical career is over. He was dried to a crisp. I relieved him of his duties. I threw some tape under the wire, but the real problem was the tree frog. I turned the pump on and there was no pop.       All I really needed to do was remove the frog. I'm thinking about becoming an electrician.
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