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Entered By: Lou Hebert
Entry Date: 2008-11-23 22:43:53
Subject: re: Chilly Weather and updates

Hi Paula,  I've been keeping posted via others from the team on what's been going on with the family and Euarado, but just thought I'd check it out for myself. We've been keeping him in prayer, and whenever I'm in a group that is meeting and asks for prayer requests, I also ask others to pray for him. You just can't have enough people praying.   Sorry to hear that things are not working out getting help from his mother--are others in line for testing before the grant runs out? Sooooo, you think its cold huh???  I'm bundled in all my winter duds these days--- NH has been in a frigid, breezy cold that chills to-the-bones!!!  Very extreme weather for this Fall season---50 would be a "heat wave" at this point!!!! Glad to hear that more help is on the way to you.   Have a Blessed Thanksgiving----Let us come into his courts with Thanksgiving in our hearts!!     Love & Blessings, In His Service,   Lou

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