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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-12-02 09:03:49
Subject: God the Father Moments

        Five years ago my father, Guy Colbath, passed away. Aside from Paula, Dad was my best friend. Although he lived 200 miles from us, we visited him regularly and I called him daily. He was an idol (in a good way) to our children, just as he was to me when I was a child. Our kiddos loved to visit him and run around his ranch. Hannah collected rocks and picked wild grapes there. John learned how to hunt, skin deer, hogs and dove from his grandfather. He also learned to make sausage under his grandfather's tutelage. Everyone enjoyed Dad's cooking.         Few days pass when I am not reminded of something my father taught me. Many things that I do on the farm I learned from him, although he was not a farmer. Last week John built a bird trap with nothing but chicken wire. He set the trap near a big pile of corn shucks that the Mennonites processed a couple weeks ago. We had noticed a lot of dove around the corn shucks, presumably to pick up the stray corn kernels. Friday, John examined the trap and found five dove in it. He proudly brought them home and told others about it, but not before I told half the home. We put the dove in a small cage used to transport live chickens.         Saturday we built a larger home for the birds and moved the doves into it. John reminds me of my father in so many ways.         I have to confess that I've always projected my natural father's image unto God the Father. There came a time when my own father left our family and I projected that image as well unto the Lord without holding anything against Dad. There were many years when I wanted nothing to do with God or church, but I eagerly waited to visit my father on weekends. We'd go hunting or fishing and I never really held any of his mistakes against him. It was not until I graduated college that I forgave God for taking my father away, not that he needed to be forgiven.         In the same way I loved my own father through his mistakes, I believe God loves us through our own. There are times when I am reminded of something my dad taught me and I'll quietly mouth the words "I love you, Dad". To be honest, the lines and images are still blurred between Dad and God. I feel like I am honoring my dad and praising Our Father all at once, because I am.
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re: God the Father Moments  by Deede on Tuesday December 02, 2008

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