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Entered By: Hannah
Entry Date: 2008-12-05 14:41:58
Subject: A long overdue summary

                                     Merry Christmas, It's that time of year again, It seems to me that this year has gone by really fast. Something I never felt when I was smaller, whenever Christmas rolled around I would be saying "It's about time, I have waited for years!" This year is different. As most of you know I had been saving up and making money by selling cinnamon rolls and by doing some work on the computer for Dad to see if I could make it to China. I did. Many people gave out of there own pockets just so I could go to China. I was so grateful for the support and God blessed by letting me be able to go to China. I was so excited to experience a new culture and learn more about it. I don't know quite what I was expecting, but I was so surprised that China was not exactly like Honduras! When I thought over what I saw, I think I told myself to stop being so silly, and of course China was not the same as Honduras. I was blown away by the people we shared with who were so ready to save my face instead of there own. I learned a small part of why China seemed to be such a clam to westerners. There is so much behind the placid walls of China. It was like experiencing a whole world of China, but from time to time I could see a peak of what really lay behind China's seemingly eagerness for itself to be an open world. While "One World One Dream" was posted everywhere, I also heard of the 3 million extra police disguised as civilians walking the streets throughout the duration of the Olympics. While little kids ran up to me and said, "Beijing welcomes you," I could also sense another voice. One of our teammates related a vision she had seen of a red dragon guarding China, I knew it was there. As attempt after attempt the police shut down our community festivals, I knew it was there. He was there and he wanted us out of "his" country. God touched my heart for the people of China. Though the trip did not go exactly as we planed, I felt at peace about the way it turned out. Though for some people it would have been too "touristy" I was eager to learn about China. I enjoyed every minute of the trip, If I did not enjoy the stile of toilet we got to know, I remember it well now. So, to the States and to China, to the States back again, then finally to our home in Honduras I traveled. I had a nice visit to the States and enjoyed seeing friends and family again, but we were all ready to go back to our real home. As soon as we got back we hurried to see Gerardo, whom learned he has a kidney disease. We also started school. Though my Mom wanted to be with Gerardo, two and a half hours away, she also wanted to do school with us. Soon, the day before our group from New Hampshire left for home Gerardo was able to come back. My Dad had made arrangements for the three times a week trip to the one of two hospitals in Honduras which do dialysis. Recently Gherardo got an infection and he is now in the hospital again. When I got back from the States I had a surprise waiting for me: Faith's cat had three kittens, so I have enjoyed playing with them. Saturday we will decorate the tree and the house. This year we have found lots of new crafts to do. Its one of the things we do every year, making new decorations every year. This year my Grandma is coming for Christmas and also a couple is coming to share Christmas with us. It has been surprisingly cold this year and with every 64 degree morning we feel that is really Christmastime! Though 64 may sound like nothing to some, Hondurans are wearing toboggans and parkas. In our house we just put on the heater, our coats! Even if had a heater it would still be useless because of the way the roof is not insulated. The bedrooms are warmer because of the recent installation of a ceiling, which I have been so thank full for. Many good things have happened this year and I thank you so much for your prayers and support. Hannah Grace Colbath
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