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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-12-17 11:50:36
Subject: Wednesday December 17, 2008

     Yesterday we started by leaving for Comayagua where our little truck, Alfredito, had some repairs and we also needed to fix the registration. After that we drove on to Tegucigalpa to pick up Matt and Kim Page, whom will be helping us here for the next four weeks. We left home about 8 AM and returned at 5 PM on that trip.      "Is that all I get for my mission dollar donation?" you ask. Nay, nay, nay my friend. The day was half over. Then it was pick up the matriarch of Christmas, my mother. She was flying in to San Pedro Sula, which is located roughly on the other side of Honduras from Tegucigalpa. We are in the middle. Her flight was scheduled to arrive at 1 AM on Spirit Air, but engine problems, loose wires, flat tires and a shortage of coffee filters delayed the flight until 3 AM. So, return we did and arrived back home at 5 AM.       Today we are preparing for our big Christmas party tomorrow. I am smoking a ham and cooking other culinary kickshaws.  The only notable absence from our holiday spread is fried remora, which I've not found a recipe for.       Yes, I am still trying to incorporate Merriam Webster's word of the day into complete sentences. Remora is a class of fish equipped with a suction cup to attach to other fish. It is also used to describe a hindrance or drag. As in, "Aw Mike, just go to the party; don't be such a remora". Or, "Uhh, John, did you know there was a remora on your head?"
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