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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-12-21 23:35:36
Subject: Sunday December 21, 2008

     Gerardo, Walter, Fernando and I returned a day early from the beach along with our two guests, Matt and Kim Page. The trip will be long remembered by everyone that went, especially the young boys whom had never even seen a lake, much less the ocean. They were mesmerized by the rivers and valleys long before we arrived. The children all enjoyed the waves, save Gerardo whom cannot get his dialysis port wet. Gerardo was sad early on but got into the sand, volleyball, good food and the time off of school. We returned early because Gerardo needs dialysis tomorrow and Walter needs to spend time with the army tomorrow and needs a parent to represent him. I will be going to the American air force base for the first time. I'll try not to be a wisenheimer as the army here is a serious bunch and might not take lightly to wise cracking.         We did have a bit of an incident on the beach. Late on our first day we found "Boogie Boards" at the resort and we all were eager to boogie. We practiced finding the best waves and were undulant for hours. Right before sunset I began swimming on the board to the source of the best waves. I discovered Fernando close behind on his own board. We then noticed that we were a good 100 yards from shore. I told him we were too far out and needed to get closer. We paddled, we kicked and tried our best but we were not moving anywhere but out to sea. On occasion I made some progress only to find that Fernando was lagging behind. So we'd hook up again rather than bifurcate and try over, never really getting closer.          Walter noticed from shore that we were in trouble as he had a lot of difficulty getting in himself. He called for help. Meanwhile John and Rolman grabbed a life preserver with rope and proceeded to rescue us. That was really scary. Paula told John not to go out, but he did and quickly found that the waters were too dangerous to manage. He got to shore after Rolman gave up the life preserver to him. That left Rolman without any flotation device. A second rescue attempt was made by Matt Page in a kayak. The waves quickly pushed the kayak over and he needed his own rescue. I tossed my board to Rolman, which he shared with Matt. I shared with Fernando. Eventually the locals tied a very long rope to the life preserver and got it out to us. They pulled Fernando and I in. I returned to snag Rolman and Matt from the waves with the life preserver, but the rope was not long enough. Another local man, whom Rolman described as a man-fish, pulled the two in close enough to get to me and the rope. We all came in, quite defeated. We'd never encountered a current that strong and persistent before. We later were told that in the afternoon that the waves and current were dangerous. We were very careful thereafter.         In all this, Rolman and I spoke privately about how we prayed for one another. Neither one of us is used to feeling out of control. In this case, we knew it was all up to God. Some of the villagers said they could not believe we survived. I found myself questioning my faith but also realizing that only God is in control. The simulacrum of control is not reality; control is a just a facade.         These are just some happy thoughts leading into the Christmas season. :-)         Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
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