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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-12-31 17:02:30
Subject: re: Sunday December 21, 2008

Screaming and demanding that God kick it in was more like it.  I am sure the local natives got quite the show.  Every boy we have was either involved or a frozen statue watching.  Some people came and moved Reynaldo because he was so entranced watching that he didn't notice the tide had come up to where he was standing.  Eli was sitting watching, high up.  I had sent Timmy to Hannah and Judy.  Faith wasn't there.  Hannah came back to watch and I made her leave.   I was frantic.  I have never had an experience like it before.  It was so fast, but yet so long.  I kept thinking I was going to loose my husband and then my son.  Then I saw my other boys going.  It is honestly more emotion than I can write about.   Thank God, someone finally got a longer rope to start hauling people in, and a native just jumped in like a flying fish.  I have never seen a human swim like this Garifuna man. Amazing.  God is with us.  I am thankful.   Amazingly we all recovered and had a good time on the beach the rest of the time.  Just much more aware of the change of current and tide in the late afternoon.   Blessings, Paula
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