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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-01-05 23:45:57
Subject: Updates

We are back to school after a break for Grandma, Beach, and Christmas. Everyone LOVED the beach.  The boys were thrilled.  Reynaldo wore a constant smile while in the water.  He loved jumping into the waves and being flipped on the boogie board.  Walter loved the water and the coconuts.  I think I saw him eat at least one a day.  Rolman quickly made friends and was off fishing and shrimping.  Carlitos flapped his arms as though he were going into flight as he sat on the beach, enjoying the water coming up to him.  Sometimes he would flop on his belly as though he were swimming and get covered with water.  He didn't seem to mind.  Arnold, well he loved the beach, but he also really loved the showers with hot running water! He was amazed that he could turn on a faucet and get hot water.  Of course they all wanted to know why it was so hot.  I had to explain about turning on hot and cold to get warm.  No one complained about showering.  Fernando could have stayed on a boogie board the entire time.  One time he spent a little too much time on it and got tooooooo far out.  I don't want to retell the story, read Mark's , it is much less dramatic than if I told it. Just praise God, all made it back in eventually.  And now everyone in the village knows that the white woman can scream to God.  Eli ventured out of his comfort zone a bit.  He is not our most adventurous, but he loved the water and the sand.  He was buried up to his head many times.  I don't think we ever saw David with a shirt on.  He was born for the beach.  We were in a pretty remote type place so there was time to read, relax, and play games together.   We also had planned most of our meals ahead and brought the food already made, so not a lot of time was spent cooking.  The place, El Cocal, was beautiful.  Hannah said it was her favorite time at the beach because she got to see the boys enjoy it so much.  We were blessed.  Thank you Dave.   We enjoyed having Grandma Judy with us for Christmas.  I know we had a lot going on, but she was a trooper.  I am sure being with all of us together can make a persons head swim.  So thankful she took the time to be with us.   Matt and Kim Page have been with us and will be returning to the states Friday.  They have been housesitting by night for missionaries here, and working here by day.  Kim tackles the responsibility of working with Eli for school and keeping up with Carlitos and his exercises.  I am so happy to see her reading to them, this is one of their favorite things.  I think I could quote the books by heart, so nice to have another reader.  Matt keeps busy with things on the farm and home, always something.   He has been working with the guys on the butcher house, lending his efficiency and skill.   We are thankful to have help.   We were so blessed at dinner.  Mark and David had butchered one of our cows today with the Mennonites.  They brought the meat home, and then Mark ground hamburger for us for dinner.   It was delicious.   What a blessing to have hormone free, natural fed beef.  Living here it is really a blessing, number one that we can afford meat, and number two that we know where it came from.  You see just a few to many pickups with loads of meat in the back, open to the air and bugs.   Gerardo is having a hard time with the infection at his port sight.  When the drs. come back from vacation, mid January, the port will be changed.  Now, because the drs. are on vacation for the holidays, not much is going on at the hospital other than the dialysis.   When we went on Friday, his time in dialysis was very short.  He did not have any liquid to pull off, so he was thankful.  Thank you for keeping him in your prayers.  His birth mother will go on with testing once the drs. are back.  We have the opportunity to have the transplant done in the states if we find the donor and can commit to the cost of the anti-rejections drugs (about $1200 a month).  Please pray that we will know which direction to take and will make wise decisions.  Gerardo's spirits have been good even though he has been sick since Christmas.  He has learned of Dunkin Donuts (located right across from the hospital), what a treat!   Thank you Leslie and Antonio for helping so much with transport and care.   We thank you for your prayers and love, Blessings to your families, Paula
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