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Entered By: Brenda Smith
Entry Date: 2009-01-08 06:39:47
Subject: re: Gerardo

Dear Paula, Although I have not  written to you in quite sometime ,I want you to know that  I am praying for your family and  especially Gerado on a regular basis. As a mother I empathize with the emotional pain that you feel watching him lose hope and the sense of frustration over the inability to make him well. Gerado has the most engaging smile. Whenever I think of him his smile is the first thing I remember. To think of him tearful and discouraged is heart wrenching. Having another Chrisitan family to help support  you and Mark must be a blessing, not only for the daily responsibilities but for those emotinoal needs as well. More and more Dana and I have said  how much we wish we could set aside our routine and come and give you our support. Since we cannot physically  do this we will continue to support you with  our prayers to the  Heavenly Father. I trully believe in the awesome power of God and that same power indwells us as His children. If only in our fraile  human mentallity we  could fully comprehend this  so that we could envoke this power and in faith beleive He will hear and provide deliverance however He choses. I am currently praying in this manner for Dana, as he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He will be having surgery on 1/13. Thankfully the Lord  made us aware of the situation  while in the early stages so that treatment  should be curative.Even though the Lord may heal him through surgery, I keep praying that the healing powere of the blood of Jesus would heal him first. I know that the more prayers spoken on his behalf will be heard by God and that His will be done. We recieved a Rosetta Stone Language program  to learn Spanish for Christmas. Our goal is to be  more fluent next time we see you all. I hope  we will visit in the not so distant future. May you sense  today the peace and reassurance that you need to carry out  all the responsibilities of  such an important ministry.                                           Love and Blessing to all,                                                  Brenda
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