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Entered By: Brenda Smith
Entry Date: 2009-01-08 20:31:06
Subject: re: Gerardo

Dana was looking on line tonight and he came across the web site for Healing The I think this is the same organization that  my employer was referring to when he goes on medical misssion trips. The organaization has chapters throughout the US but also has  international chapters . I found one listed in Honduras. Here is the info. Perhaps this is the info that will guide you to acquiring help for Gerado either locally or in the states. Dr. Lilia Larios Cadena de Amor Colonia Miramontes Calle 8 Casa #152 Tegusigalpa, Honduras,C.A. tel# 001-504-2-25-5730 fax# 011-504-2-25-5730 e-mail or try the National Head Quarters @ e-mail
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re: Gerardo  by Paula on Thursday January 08, 2009

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