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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-01-13 22:32:59
Subject: Gerardo Update

I spent the day with Gerardo in the hospital yesterday.  He was so talkative.  Maybe because if we are not there he covers his head up with his sheet and doesn't come out!  He can be so very shy.   He was happy to have the company and I was happy to be with him.  They had not put the new port in as scheduled, so he was port free, so no dialysis.  We enjoyed playing games on paper, talking, listening to my MP3 player and massaging his legs through the pain.  I got him to eat a donut and to drink a little Sprite.  Right now with all the meds his stomach is really quezy.   The TV in the room has been commandeered by the other mothers of patients, and they are all hooked on Novelas (Spanish soap operas).  So as I was sitting there trying to keep my tongue quiet about the horrible things the children were viewing I thought, Hey, we need to make a toy basket for this room.  So we are going to put together a laundry basket full of things for the kids in that room to do.  I thought we could put in puzzles, hand held games, coloring books, drawing paper, colors, books to read, magazines, etc.  It would stay in that unit for the different patients to use.  The kids are so bored and even they get tired of the tv.   In the afternoon his fever came up pretty high and his pain increased.  The nurses told me that the hospital was out of acetaminiphen.  I went over to the pharmacy across the street and thought I would buy as much as I could with what I had.   Well, all they had was 18 individual pills!  I got it and took it back.   I will get some from our meds here given to us by the dear New Hampshire group.  What a blessing that we have much to share.  Thank you Don and group!  Doesn't it blow your mind that the hospital doesn't have the meds it needs?!  This is truly a public hospital, in that it takes anyone, and from what I can tell, does not require much if anything from the person.   This morning they did put the new port in for Gerardo, this time on the other side, still not the one in the arm.  He is on IV antibiotics and will have dialysis tomorrow.  As of this evening he was hurting at the new port site a bit and still had fever in the afternoon.   Thank you for your continued prayers and love, Paula
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