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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-01-22 19:32:40
Subject: Porky Progress

      The process of converting from factory style swine production to pasture pigs is not happening as fast as I would like but it is in process. The progress is palatable but not stellar. There are many interruptions along the way such as finishing the butcher house as the cement sets.       I am certain there will be new challenges to reconcile as we make these changes. Hopefully we will not require a barbican to keep the pigs in and the dogs out. Just the same, I am positively maudlin at the prospect of liberating the swine from their concrete prisons so that they are free to flocculate or disperse at their bidding. True, most pigs in the world are raised within concrete rooms, but we have plenty of room for hundreds of pigs to roam about. We are already receiving kudos for our hormone free pork from Americans and Hondurans alike. Although we have 50 pigs at the moment, we are already short on pork compared to demand.      Gerardo is in the hospital once again as his blood pressure was really high on Wednesday. He will be there over the weekend and they will put the permanent port into his arm on Monday. He will still need his chest port for a month until they sure the arm port will work.

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