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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-01-26 13:23:35
Subject: Monday update for Gerardo

They did not put the arm port in Gerardo today.  They will do it Wednesday.  Today they asked us to give blood, because they feel he will need a transfusion on Wednesday.   Today Antonio will give blood and tomorrow Rolman will give blood.   I am not able to, I have another staph infection.   Gerardo's blood pressure continues to be high, seems very high to me, 150/120.  They are not saying why it is high, I will have to do some reading.    He will be in the hosptial until it is normal and he has recovered from the new port surgery on Wednesday.  Please pray for him, not only his physical health but his emotional health.  He does not feel bad now, so it makes it even harder to be in the hospital.   Many in the family have had a stomach yuck of some kind.  Arnol and Timothy were first, yesterday was Faith, John, Hannah and me, and now today is Mark's turn.   We are praying for health!   Today it is a beautiful day outside.   Rolman and David hope to get the guide to study for their test for colegio today.   So far it has been a comedy of errors in trying to get the right teacher with the right key at the right school in the right city.   Today we are tweeting to Faith's bird trying to keep it company.  It's companion was found dead in the cage this morning.   And much, much, much is going on in the pig area.  Yesterday a man came to castrate our huge papa pig.  And when I say huge, I mean huge.   The papa needed to be put out of comission as we have many children from him.  They do not need to mate.   So he was to be castrated, and then he would later become sausage, much sausage.  This morning he was found dead.  Something went wrong in the castration and the papa bled to death.  We did not want the meat as he had not been castrated and we did not know the hour of death.  But of course, someone else did - the man who castrated him.  So all of that is happening now.  The man felt very bad about the death, and so he is giving us a mama pig that is pregnant.   We are having lettuce every day from the garden.  For whatever reason the zucchini  that was planted didn't give any zucchini.  We have platinos and bananas galor right now.   All the guys are working in the garden and cleaning banana/plantino trees.  Right now it is still cool on a few days a week and we are still getting at least one rain a week.   We found that some of the "stuff" growing in Jose's yard at the hardware store is something that the cows like and is good for them.  So every other day they have been cutting it and bringing it for the cows.  This is a blessing, huge blessing.  We will need to buy hay this year for the dry season.... Which leads me to a prayer request..... a tractor!  To increase production, we really need a tractor.  This would enable us to plow up fields to plant crops for the animals.   So I am praying for a tractor!  Pray with me and if you know someone that has the means to donate one, ask them!   Today I am so grateful for the life the Father has given.   Blessings, Paula
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