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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-01-29 20:49:55
Subject: Six New Kittens

       If only there was a market for felines here. Unfortunately, there is not a real vet outside the two large cities. Even in the large cities, we would not know how to find a real veterinarian thus we always run the risk of procreation. Nobody here can spay or neuter dogs or cats. Thus, cats and dogs are in over-supply. I made the mistake of allowing our girls to select a female kitten a year ago. Since then we've had two litters. It's not difficult finding homes for the little guys once they are engendered, but we're implacable about the kind of homes they get. While our daughters make cynosures of the kittens in their care, we cannot help but think that most cats are destined to be forgotten.        However, cats here are far more of a practical pet in Honduras than the United States. In an agrarian culture, mice are a problem. Sacks of seeds and grains are common in homes. Cats keep rodent populations in check. There is no telling how many mice Faith's cat consumes or kills in a day. Suffice it to say that when cats are raising their kittens here, it is common to see the mother bringing dead, or near-dead mice to their kittens. It's as if the mother is telling her brood: look, we are cats, this is what we do, get used to it!       Hannah's cat Quan, from the Kitsey's first litter, holds the status of primogeniture (first-born). Quan is a male that we want to neuter, but will have to wait for a traveling vet to perform. He is not yet full grown but has six new brothers and sisters to mentor. It is amusing and sometimes wonderful to see the interaction among animals. For one litter of kittens we had a dog that used to carry around the very young kittens in his mouth. He would play with them like a young bachelor uncle. He also helped protect them on one occasion from a dog that mistakenly wondered into the small barn one night where the mother and kittens were sleeping. I think the mother cat could have torn the dog up pretty well but the "uncle" dog helped to alarm us of danger. The intruder did not live through the night.

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