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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-02-01 23:03:27
Subject: John and I....

John and I spent the day with Gerardo today.  We packed up the games and headed to the city to join him in the hospital.  Rolman had gone to be with him yesterday.   Gerardo was in good spirits.  His arm, where the new port was put in, is swollen and sore.  Unfortunately it is his right arm, his writing hand.  So please pray with us that the arm will be able to be used.  This is the permanent port site.   He may be able to come home tomorrow after dialysis.  His blood pressure is lower and he does not have any fever.  He has a good appetite and was getting around.  The nurses said he is so much happier when we are with him.  He is a nurse's pet I think.  Honestly, he is such a respectful and kind young man.  I have seen most of the kids in the same room as he yelling at their parents and the nurses.   Today while driving to Teguc. we noticed many homes on the side of the road marked with a giant X.  John thought it must be the homes that will need to be leveled to widen the highway to 4 lanes.  I pray that these people will be provided for.   John noticed things today that I don't normally see.  He pointed out all the aloe vera growing on the sides of the mountains, and all of the bee hive boxes.   There is an area on the drive where they are selling honey on the side of the road.  I have always seen that, but never really noticed all the boxes of bees that are dotting the mountainside.   Thursday was my day to volunteer at the little guys school, Destino Del Reino.  I enjoyed being at the school, seeing all the progress they are making, and all the precious children that are being given an education.  Both of the boys just grinned from ear to ear when I sang songs in the cafeteria with the kids.  And for some reason all the kids, throughout the day, kept coming up to me and poking me!  I think my guys had something to do with that.   David and Rolman have worked hard schooling here at the home for over a year now.  They have done the PACES to get them up to their grade level.  We pray that this effort has been enough to catch them up and set them up for success in colegio here in Honduras.  Tomorrow they will go to register for the school year which begins next week.  Thank you for your prayers of support as we schooled them.  It was a challenge and a blessing.  We enjoyed them and wanted to pull their hair out!   Recently I had another staph infection and we have all had a stomach bug.  Please pray for our health to be stellar!   This week the architect is supposed to come over to let us see the final revisions on the house plans.   I threw a monkey wrench in the plans when I changed a lot of things (with the help of an expert in the states!).   The next step will be to get started on digging out the footers, moving the current septic, and preparing for the foundation to be laid.  Oh how we need your prayers!   Thank you for praying for us, Paula
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