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Entered By: Brenda Smith
Entry Date: 2009-02-02 17:40:06
Subject: re: John and I....

Dear Paula I always enjoy reading your journals about the  goings on @ Hope Farm and especially the particulars of Gerado's health issues. I am curious about whether you had any luck  getting in touch with the  doctor  who participates with the Heal the Children Organization. After you responded that Porter knew the doctor it sounded so hopeful. What happened? Seeing your new home plans  must but be exciting for all of youespecially the anticiaption of not only  providing more personal space for your immediate family but also the expanded ministry opprtunities this will bring. Dana being in the  building industry  would love to be able to join in the constrution effort. I guess we will need to pray if the Lord would lead and provide in bringing us back . Thank you for the prayers you  prayed for Dana and his recent surgery. The procedure was done by the deVinci Robot method which is such a great advancement in prostate surgery.The surgery took exactly 2 hours. Dana  had 5 small incisions in his abdomen through which the cameras and robot arms were manipulated. His postop course was uncomfortable  but very manageable with  medication. His biggest dislike was the catheter which he referred to as his "Man Bag" since he had to  carry it around like a pocketbook when he ambulated about the house. I know it was through  all the prayers that he has had no problem with the expected postop issues that usually take several months to regain. God is  so good. We were able to tell  people that not only were there  family and friends locally praying but that even church family in Honduras was praying also. His  biggest challenge now  that he  feels  well is to keep  to the  25 lbs. lifting restriction for a few more weeks. This impacts returning to work and with  other employees being laid off he is concerned if his job will be kept. With all the winter snowstroms, he  gets  frustrated that he can't snowb;ow  our 200' driveway or climb up on the roof to shovel off snow or break up the ice that forms. Just one more way to keep our faith growing. I continue to pray  for your spoken requests for health, financial support etc. Particularly that the Lord will place a hedge of protection around the entire Hope Farm and family and that Satan will be bound!! It is quite obvious that your ministry is important and making  a stand for God  or why else would Satan continue to attack you in so many areas? I forwarded an e-mail a while ago to Hannah. I trust she got the info so that she  could retrieve the photos she was looking  to obtain for her movie. I can't wait to see  her movie about Gerado. Perhaps her movie will be the  means of  getting help for his medical situation. Blessing to you all,      Brenda
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