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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-02-02 20:15:55
Subject: Gerardo

Today I went into Teguc. because the drs. had said that Gerardo could go home today.  But after the day of waiting they decided his blood pressure was still too high and could not come home.  It was really high.  Gerardo was very, very disappointed and then angry.  I was so sad for him also.  We prayed together, committed to keeping our chin up and to take each day as it comes because God knows what He is doing better than we do, and then gave God praise for keeping Gerardo with us another day.   In my mind I thought, God, what are you doing, I wasn't even able to spend time with him, he was in dialysis.  But in my heart I know God cares infinitely more for Gerardo and myself than I can imagine, He always has our good at heart, and that Jesus makes constant intercession for us at the throne.  So we are taken care of.   We are wondering why the blood pressure is so high, if this is normal, and what we can do to help keep it down.  The meds do not seem to be doing it.   Today I had another heart wrenching situation.  One of the boys that has dialysis on the same day as Gerardo and seems to be in the hospital as regular as Gerardo asked me if I could make room for him in my home.  He was taken away from his father this past week by IHNFA.  His mother recently died, the father was not getting him to dialysis, and no one has been taking care of him.  So IHNFA came and took him to an IHNFA center there in Tegucigalpa.  Gerardo had asked me yesterday if we would consider taking the boy, Isaias, home with us.  The boys is concerned that he will be beat up in the center.  He aslo has to walk from the center to the hospital for dialysis.  Oh how I cried inside, I want to help him.  We will see what God provides.  Another little girl at the hospital whom I have made friends with also asked me today if I would want a girl in my home.  Oh I pray for these children and that hearts will be open to receive these completely precious gifts from the Father.  And if it is us that are to help them, that the provision will be there.   Thank you for caring, Paula
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