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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-02-04 22:28:29
Subject: David

David has been busy registering for high school this week. Registration involves standing in lines, scurrying from schools to government offices to photo shops to schools again and the cycle never seems to end. David have been busy "registering" for over a week. Turns out Rolman cannot go to the same school as David because he is too old. But this journal is really about David, so I will stick to the topic. David's quest for registration landed him in a city an hour from here called Comayagua. He was trying to track down his birth certificate since the local government agencies cannot seem to find it and every school demands an original copy and refuses to release it when a child finishes a school year. He does not yet have his birth certificate. During David's quest for paper in Comayagua, he went to visit his father. His father is a frail, older looking man but age is not kind to the poor. I couldn't tell you how old is his father but now he is dieing. He is dieing of a disease that has a certain stigma across the world. I've no idea how he contracted it and we honestly don't care. He has infections all over his body and is very weak. He knows that he will soon die. He also does not want David to know what he is dieing of. Nevertheless, David's father has one final mission in his life. He is building two apartments on his own property for David and his younger sister, whom lives in another orphanage. He wants to leave an inheritance to his two youngest children. The apartments are much finer than the dilapidated mud/rock building than he is now residing in. I hate to keep referring to the man as "David's father", but I honestly don't know his name. He has a challenge right now in that he does not have a deed to the property and he wants to get the papers in order before he dies. He has other, adult children, whom want their father's land but he intends it for his two youngest. Tomorrow Jose and David will accompany the father to the land title office in the hopes of acquiring a deed. The father wants to make me the custodian of the deed until David is old enough to receive it. We think that David could probably rent the apartments out in order to pay for college. I pray David will have a chance to honor his father in breaking the cycle of poverty and neglect. I pray the same for David's sister. I hope this inheritance will enable both to continue their educations.
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