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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-02-13 21:16:33
Subject: Heroes....

A while ago in a Bible study I was asked to name and describe some of my heroes.  This really made me think.  Last week the Lord recalled this to my mind and I felt He wanted me to share about some of the heroes in my life.   I really debated with myself whether or not to post this using names.  I would never want anyone that has spoken into my life, or has been an incredible example, to feel as though I did not notice or care, I do.  That being said, here are some real modern day heroes in my life...... Barbara is a hero to me.  She has always shown incredible depth of character, compassion, and a passionate heart after the Father.  I think it is her desire to share everything the Father has shown and given her with others that makes her such a hero.  She is generous in everything.  A hero that never stands over others, but walks alongside.   Kellie is a hero to me.  Watching her walk with such inner strength and realness through what I believe must be the hardest thing a person can endure, watching your own child suffer and die, was life changing for me.  She seemed to take everyday as a new day, ready to live it with all she had.  She was honest.  She still showed care for others and was devoted all the while to the care of her precious child.  I am so sorry that her son died, so sorry that she has known such sorrow.  But never have I seen a more beautiful woman in the midst.   Nancy is a hero to me.  In watching her I have seen so much about motherhood, selflessness, and love towards others.  She cares, truly cares for others over herself.  I have seen her do what was best even when it might not have been what was the most enjoyable for her.  I have seen her be completely herself, something you do not see often in many, this makes her a remarkable hero.   Debbie is a hero to me.  To know someone that has so given herself to the people of another culture is so challenging.  I admire how she has come to know the Father, in experience, not only in word or by hearsay.  Debbie is a blessing to the people she serves, a hero.   Tommy is a hero to me.  He has been a hero in the way he has always been willing to speak into our lives, to share experience, willing to tackle really hard things with us, and the way he cares about relationship.  He is devoted to seeing people free in Christ.  This is a hero, a person that takes what he has and gives it away.   Dave and Leslie are heros to me.  I think it is so heroic to have raised your children with everything you've got and then to follow it up with giving everything you've got in service in a foreign country.  Heroes of the practical, real, eternal.   Jose and Lourdis are heros to me.  They continue to bring their hearts before the Lord, continue to work towards and hope for a bright future for their daughters, willing to serve alongside people that they do not know and can not begin to understand, to be willing to give EVERYTHING they have.  They are brave.   They are used of the Lord and will see mighty works.  They are heroes.   Jennifer is a hero to me.  Her simple honesty.  Something I had not known or seen like this before our friendship.  Always willing to ask, I love that.   Guy Sr. was and is a hero to me.  A hero of a father, not perfect, but geniune and real.  His intense love and concern for God's living creation was heroic.   In the Word it says our words about another should edify, build up, and bless.  I have more heroes.   I want to take the time to share about them.  Think about the heroes in your life, share them with someone. Paula

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