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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-02-13 22:05:07
Subject: Reminders of Home

Lately I've been reflecting on how certain little things remind me of living and growing up in Texas. Due to construction, it now takes 45 minutes to reach town, five miles away. This greatly reminds me of Houston where 45 minutes took me from my office to my apartment, a mile away. Today I attended a mandatory parent meeting at David's school. Of course, the school was short on money and everybody was complaining about having to effectively pay more taxes. Reminds me of talk radio. Tonight we made hamburgers thinking that Gerardo would return. He was delayed again until tomorrow. We made homemade buns, fried french fries and used beef from our own bull. Reminds me of, well, very little since we never had to make homemade buns back home; we had an income. We never ground beef from our own cows either. Today Rolman went to Reynaldo and Eli's school to machete some land that was overgrown with eight foot weeds, err, trees. Reminds me of all the hand tools we never had to use in the suburbs. Timothy walked with me to take the little boys to the bus this week. His mouth never stopped on our hour and a half round trip. Reminds me that I never had this kind of time to listen to him when I was living the American dream. I am always worried about money and working every chance I get on the computer. Some things never change. :-)
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re: Reminders of Home  by Mike Jones on Monday February 16, 2009

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