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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-02-18 21:30:40
Subject: Update on David

What a difference a little schooling makes!   Over a year ago we decided to give the boys diagnostic testing to see what level of work they were at in school. Some had encountered problems in collegio, but we went ahead and tested everyone.  That started over a year of hard work for the boys Fernando and up.  They have worked hard to get up to their grade levels and tackle learning English enough to be able to do many subjects in English.   So off to collegio it has been for Rolman and David.  David started in El Socorro and Rolman on the weekends in town at Genero (because he is older).  Oh....yes, schools did start last week, even though teachers have not been paid.   We have been BLESSED to see the fruit of some labors!  The first day David came home he was so excited, he knew what was going on in class!  He also said that all the kids in the neighborhood would be coming here to our house to do group projects and homework because we have internet.  The next day, here they all came!  David was the leader of the class, he said he had been elected the President by the teacher.  He got everyone organized, assessed what they needed, and even headed off to the pulperia to buy supplies.  He has been excited to show us his homework and how ahead he is in English.  Today he was thrilled because he understood the math, even thought it was easy.  It is so fun to see a kid so happy to be able to learn and understand.  Before, when he started collegio at Pablo Weir, we watched him literally wilt.  I am so thankful to God that the PACES were able to be purchased and help was given.   But today came the icing!  Two kids in his class called to ask if he could explain the math they learned in class today.  The two students came over today after school and David tutored.  He used the dry erase board, made up problems for them, and encouraged them to learn today's work because it would get harder!  He was beaming.   Thank you for praying for David, for praying about the boys education, and investing in their lives.  Today was very rewarding for all of included! Paula
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