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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-02-25 21:19:00
Subject: New Animals

    For the last week I've been suffering from turkey envy. The local pulperia (convenience store) owner bought a pair (male and female) of turkeys. I've asked three different people at the pulperia if they wanted to sell the turkeys, but none of them would break. I would have at least said, yes, for 100 bucks. So, as most successful searches go, I told Jose about the desires of the turkey meat. Immediately, Jose told me he had a neighbor that wanted to sell a pair of turkeys. I bought them and four turkey eggs came with the package. The eggs are in the incubator. The turkeys are in the chicken coop.     Over the past month we've had a couple new litters of pigs. That brings the count to 61 after selling a few over the holiday season. There is another couple litters soon to follow. Most of the older pigs are now enjoying wallowing in the mud outside full time. The boys and workers are thankful that there are less pig homes to clean. We only keep the younger pigs inside their homes until they are old enough to compete for food. Needless to say, the nursing mothers and their young are also inside.     The fish, which we purchased a few months ago, are coming along. When purchased, they were about the size of small minnows. Now they are roughly four to six inches long and many are a couple inches from top to bottom. It's fun to feed the little guys as they splash around and best of all, we don't have to scoop poo out as with the pigs. Not being the most patient fellow, stocked ponds are definitely my favorite kind of fishing.     Today I fed the cows something we found recently at the feed store: molasses. I mix the molasses with a grain by-product called "semolina", which is technically what is found in a box of "Cream of Wheat". The main difference is that the semolina comes in a sack and costs 10 cents a pound instead of $3+ per pound. Worse comes to worst, we could boil the stuff, add some molasses and call it breakfast. Once this concoction is mixed, it has the consistency of pudding and looks like what comes out the tail end of a calf. Makes you hungry for a t-bone, no?     Gerardo's mother has the green light to start testing for kidney donation. We'll need to motivate her to go again. She has a lot of people telling her that the operation could kill her or at least disable her. She also is worried about hurting her tortilla making business.
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