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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-03-08 23:42:47
Subject: Kid Update

Rolman and David continue to excel in their new collegios.  They are excited after each day to come and tell of their progress.  So wonderful to hear them share.   I am so proud of Fernando.  He has been saving money weekly and has made his goal of saving for a bike.  His eyes light up when he hears how much he has saved.  It seems so novel to the boys.   Mark has been talking to all of the boys about tithe, saving for short term, and saving for long term.  I am the bank and they make their deposits with me to save.  Rolman soon will be dealing with a "real bank".    It seems that most of the boys are getting the hang of it and beginning to understand money principles.  Timothy reported to a friend that was here a few days ago, "I don't really like to work, but I do like the pulperia!"   Eli is making slow but sure progress in school.  Though we know there are things he is not getting, I do see him comprehending more.  I pray for something to just snap!   Reynaldo is learning more and more English and using it more and more.  He is enjoying English at his school.  The school is becoming bilingual and I think both Reynaldo and Arnol enjoy showing off their English skills.   Everyone has been enjoying a read aloud book at night before bed.  Right now we are reading Old Yeller.  The boys sit wide eyed and amazed and ask for more chapters.  I am truly enjoying their eagerness and sharing books with them that have meant so much to my children and me.  Now it is also time for Timothy to enjoy these read alouds that he may have heard as a baby.  I look forward to Where the Red Fern Grows.   Gerardo plugs away at dialysis.  They just started Friday using his new arm port that is completely internal.  I was so nervous, but all went well.  They will soon take out the central port.  Gerardo will be so happy to be able to take a real shower and to be able to have full use of that arm back.  We have not been able to get his biological mother to go in for the testing now that the drs. are ready.  Maybe God has another plan in mind.  One of our co-laborers is willing to donate his kidney if he is a match.  So that could start this week.  Oh I pray he is a match and progress is made.  Very good news, this Friday they will review his test and see if he can cut back dialysis to Tuesday and Thursday, rather than 3 days a week.  What a huge blessing that would be to him.  Pray with us that the tests will come back with good numbers.  He has highs and lows in his emotions and this change would be a big help.   I pray that each child here will have such a deep relationship with their Heavenly Father.  Daily I am aware that Mark nor I will ever be enough, that each of them have great need for a Savior, a perfect Father, a patient and forgiving nurturer.  I am so thankful that we have that in our God.   Thank you as you pray for each child here, Paula

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