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Entered By: Jan Archer
Entry Date: 2009-03-12 01:36:39
Subject: re: Farm Update

This message about your farm life sounds so wonderful Paula. I am starting a garden this year...seems so small in comparison. There is so much work for you to do but it sounds like so much fun to see all of those wonderful animals. We just ate Talapia the other day. Brian and I would love to have our own pond to fish out of. I know you hate to see that bird snatch your fish but as I imagine it it seems like it would be cool to watch at the same time. The kids are getting so big! The girls are so beautiful. I miss you Paula but am glad to see that you are doing God's work. I have some friends going to Honduras for a mission trip on Sunday. They are really excited. May God bless you abundantly more than you could ever imagine! Love, Jan Archer

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