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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-03-14 20:14:08
Subject: Busy day on the farm and a little drama

With Mark not here for a bit I was Farmer Brown today, not my normal hat.  I think everyone is glad, because you know a farmer for one day is much more slave driver than an everyday farmer!   Keeping up with the grounds is a constant challenge.  I don't know where all the stuff comes from, but it seems to reappear even after we have spent hours picking up. Today it was done, but who knows what it will look like tomorrow.  I know something comes in the night and dumps more trash.   A first for me, cleaning out the chicken house.  Honestly someone should event some little tool to scoop out the "crud" where they roost.  A hand trowel and shovel would have done it, but somehow I missed those in the bodega.  Reynaldo was a good helper.  I think he was just amazed I would stick my hands in chicken poo.   I made you a sacko of guinaza today John!  You would have been proud.  We covered the floor in pino (pine needles) and their roosting homes.  I found several eggs in places where they should not have been. If you are reading just to get to the drama you will have to wade through my farm tales!   I also had the pleasure of moving a cow about to give birth to a spot closer to the home so that we can keep her in sight.  She looks like she could go any minute.  She is so docile.  I was never docile close to delivery time!  She is now in the chicken yard eating on the freshly grown secate and molasses mush.   Our new turkeys seem to like their new digs.  The male is so pompous.  He just knows all the chickens are after him.  The two turkey ladies seem to care less about him.  In this species the male sure is more attractive than the female.   We have a new turkey in our incubator.  Unfortunatly it hatched too early and its little claws do not work.  Tonight we start claw therapy.  Dipping the leg in warm water and massaging it.  Can you believe this?  I have moved the incubator out of our bedroom and into the corner of the living room.  You really can't sleep with 10 little chickies "peeping" and scratching all night.   It seems I always have children to take care of!   Today was also a day for planting new banana tree shoots and putting in post and fencing for the blooming moras to climb.  We have at least 4 rows of moras that are coming in.  We also have a quite large field of yucca coming, but it takes 6 months to mature. Always a little drama in the mix around here.  Yesterday Antonio and Gerardo set out for dialysis very early and in our little truck, Alfredito.  Yes, the name of the truck is Alfredito, and will be used in this paragraph.  They passed by an accident around Comayagua.  A large gas truck had wrecked, they heard because of a horse crossing the road, but who knows.  The police had not arrived yet, so they were able to pass on to Tegucigalpa.  They took the truck instead of the bus as they normally do because Gerardo was supposed to meet with his Dr. late in the day, after buses would be coming back.  It was supposed to be a meeting to discuss some tests that would tell us if he can cut back dialysis to two times a week.  Well, the Dr. had too much to have the meeting, it being Week of the Kidney here (maybe everywhere).  So on home they tried to come.  By this time the traffic was stopped, as in no passing whatsoever, because the authorities were trying to move the wrecked gas truck.  There was concern of an explosion.  Gerardo and Antonio sat in the traffic  from 3pm through the night!   Can you imagine!  Then when able to pass, they got close to our town and ran out of gas.  There were no gas station open in the night.  Gerardo and Antonio got here safely sometime after 10 am!   What a mess!  Gerardo missed 3 round of meds.  He has been sleeping the most of the day, but is perking up this evening.  So thankful they are home safely.   God is taking care of us. Today they finally got the gas truck off the road and traffic can move as smoothly as ever.   Yeah!  The foundation is laid for Ada's home.  Jose, Rolman, David Hill, and a crew of 5 men worked their tales off all day; mixing cement, shoveling cement, leveling cement, and finishing cement.  It looks beautiful.  I know it was something new for all the Hondurans that worked on it.  Here they do not lay a foundation first, they first build up the walls, and then shovel in the cement once that is done.  We also used a water barrier which is something new to most here.   Hey, even rebar in cement is new!  Rolman learned a lot.  Glad that part is done.  Now on to blocking up the outside walls.  We are getting it ready for the team in April.   Gotta go get the potatoes out of the oven for dinner, Love and blessings, Paula

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