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Entered By: Fernando
Entry Date: 2009-03-17 23:27:31
Subject: From Fernando

Hello, I like to play with the new dart set that Daughters of Zion brought to us.  It is red, black,  and my friends and I play with it.   It is electronic.  We play with it on the front porch.   We have a new calf.   Right now in school I am doing Science, Spanish, Math, English, and Word Building.  I am doing fine in my school.  I like Word Building and Math the most.  I use Saxon Math in English.  I am in book 6/5.  I am still a good student in school.   We had a very good Christmas this year.  We went to the beach for a family vacation.  I like to swim at the beach.  It was my first time to go there.  We saw a stingray and a jellyfish.  We had a lots of fun.  We had hot water to take a shower in and to wash our dishes.  We ate a lot of coconuts.  I slept in a room with my brother Arnol and my friend Gerardo.  At the beach we picked up a lot of rocks and shells.  We took lots of baleadas. The name of the place we went was El Cocal which means lots of coconut trees.   Thank you very much, Fernando   
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